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Hardware product upgrade stable growth momentum

Published Time:2013.04.07 News source:Danyang Jingda Hardware Tools Co., LTD. Views No.

China 's hardware industries in the past than ten a few years the accumulation of and improved steadily, and now has is the the world on the the largest output of country the, the export in each of steady growth in. It is understood that the China's hardware industry annual export positive in order to the a the speed of of left and right 8% growth. In 2012, the a Hardware Products ago UPDATE NOW Contact Information breakthrough $ 5 billion, in the export of Light Industry ranking of Habitat the third-bit of. Due to the the the expansion of of the China the the the improvement of and production capacity of of the the level of Hardware Manufacturing, it is expected that the the next five During the year, the China National Metals and products will continue to to maintain more than 10% per annum of the steady growth of, China is becoming a the of the Hardware industry big country of the worthy of the name.

Is currently exactly what China Hardware the the stage of of the the upgrading of products, from which low-end to the the the transition of the high-end products, from the the a single product to the the transition of the diversified products, which for the the the development of of the Hardware industry provides a good foundation for. From of the high-end products of foreign countries introduced to the domestic at the same time, but also is bound to the introduction of some of the advanced the the process technology of as well as management mode of.

In recent years, the China's hardware industry steady growth in, the performance of of the reasons for the the several aspects of:

First of all, the the quality of employees a general increase in. The the quality of employees of the Hardware industry in the all these years a general increase in, in order to the currently Beijing will be built of the the the country's largest Hardware market the Hardware City of China person in charge of as an example, there is no lack of to Dr., post-doctoral persons.

Secondly, the the the level of Technology and Management, a general increase in. As for the the the the Technology and Management, of the level of of of the Hardware enterprise, more was supported by to the the improvement of of the a large extent. Some of the of domestic enterprises a few years ago began to the introduction of the the advanced technology and management experience of the foreign, many enterprises in the the craft, on the the management of already has the a fairly high level.

Third, the the development of the industry to enter the a period of change and. The stage of, it is now this very hour, China National Metals and product replacement, from which low-end to the the the period of transition, of of the high-end products. This is For to the China National Metals and development of the industry very favorable. In the the the process of the transfer of by the the the production of of the foreign products to the domestic, the including raw materials,, including the of some of the abroad advanced production craft, management mode is bound to together bring it in..

In the see has been a favorable factors in at of the same time, we must also be notice that, the the Hardware of the our country production technology is general is relatively low, a lot of key technologies is mainly is or in the to rely on foreign, the China National Metals and enterprises should increase the devote greater efforts of funds of the technology research and development aspects of the, as soon as possible learning and absorption the advanced experience of foreign, and in the the the on the the the basis of of the advanced technology, carried out the secondary innovation, to shorten the the the gap with the developed countries Hardware industry giants of the.


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