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How much hardware tools industry market

Published Time:2013.04.07 News source:Danyang Jingda Hardware Tools Co., LTD. Views No.

Pearl River Delta and other regions, most of China's hardware tools companies are still based the crude imitation type export processing trade, or the United States, Japan and many other large, as sales foundry.

    China hardware tools industry to actively explore, but also gives a new direction of development of hardware tools industry in the future, the status quo contrast the International Hardware tool industry and the Chinese hardware tools industry, hardware tools industry will face adapt to the market, to participate in international competition, aiming at the world state-of-the-art, and actively adjust the product structure, and expand competition is the road of the development of hardware tools.

    Hardware Tools enterprise market to open up Analysis

    Research and analysis based on more than 80 hardware tools production enterprise in Shanghai

    From the product of the enterprises surveyed the number of product varieties below 10 accounted for 51%, more than 30 accounted for only 12.6%, indicating that the single product variety, the market adaptability poor.

    (2) from enterprise marketing agencies to adapt to the situation, can be divided into companies set up to develop market institutions, sales and sales contract and other departments, set up in the corporate headquarters the marketing institutions accounted for 35.2%, set up sales 95%, indicating that the hardware and tools industry are small and medium-sized enterprises, corporate marketing efforts, research and analysis weak market institutions, but only 16.7% of the corporate the branch marketing agency established in the field, and also shows the limitations of their own strength, it is difficult to establish their own marketing network, more 26.7% of the enterprises of the sales contract and completely lost the initiative in marketing.

    From the use of the corporate brand, own brand accounted for 100% of the SMEs in Shanghai, after years of advocacy and mobilization, strong brand awareness, but has a well-known national brand names, only 6.7%, which there are a lot of companies do not pay attention to cultivate their own brands, the market is stable and lower.

    4 see from the market management mode, 72.6% of companies still take the traditional marketing management, only 27.4% of companies have begun to apply the advanced marketing software, computerized management, meticulous management degree is not in Shanghai hardware tools of corporate marketing high.

    (5) from the main marketing channels, 91.8% of the enterprises through trade fairs, total sales of less than 20%; 77% of businesses through e-commerce sales accounted for less than 20%, 57.4% enterprises through to large enterprises to establish a fixed collaborative relationships to achieve sales ratio at around 20%, more than 48% of the 80% of enterprises established long-term sales network relationships sales; products to enter the hypermarket sales enterprises accounted for only 7%, indicating that the company's sales not many channels, not wide.

    From the government procurement catalog and large state enterprises procurement catalog, the proportion of surveyed companies have added 9.5%, 18.7%, indicating that the hardware tools enterprises in Shanghai to free the main market of the country, caught in the market to survive, the measures taken by the Chinese government to expand investment, stimulating domestic demand, hardware tools companies benefit much.

    From enterprise scale in the position of the domestic industry, the top 100, only 6%, indicating that the Shanghai Hardware Tools enterprises in most of the domestic competition in a subordinate position.

    Since the financial crisis last year, the change in sales situation, the sales price and sales volume decreased by 29% each, extend the payback period of the trade, 23%, and old customers to goods decreased 60%, enterprise market environment deterioration.

    From our current hardware tools industry conditions, the mode of economic development is still in the low three sophomore high human input, high consumption of resources, high environmental pollution, low-margin, low value-added. This state of affairs in the world of today's global economy, technology and talent increasingly global market increasingly localized, more diverse, more personalized service new four modernizations requires quite a large difference, but to changes and upgrades are easy to follow, transplant sophomore Low old development model must join the innovation, we need a long-term mentality and pragmatic vision.

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